woensdag 25 mei 2011

Long time no post

I am the worst blogger ever. It's just that I am so busy with having fun and doing my schoolwork. But let me think, what did I do the past few days....

Saturday we went to a lake, but I totally forgot its name. It was quite beautiful and a took a shitload of pictures.
Sunday we went to San Francisco, gosh I love that city. Chinatown was amazing, just like the movies. And the roads are very steep...

I met some awesome people this week: shontea, dino and paulo. They're nice. Paulo and Dino are both from Brazil, they're foreigners, just like me. Shontea is actually American, she's really nice. Today we went to McDonalds and we met a Indian monkeyguy and Josh. The Indian dude is annoying. REALLY. He makes monkeynoises all the time and he throws your drinks into the air. I hope the police will fine him for littering. (there's a 1000 dollar fine on littering here o.O)
Josh is just.. Josh. Nuf said.

Tonight I'm going to a footballgame. I'll take some pictures :))

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