woensdag 18 mei 2011

Prom is tha bomb

I always thought that the whole 'prom' thing was something you only saw in movies. It's not. This saturday, I actually had my first (and probably last) prom ever. I've had so much fun.

As some of you know, I'm only 15 (almost 16, june 15th is my birthday!). This was a senior-prom. One of the benefits of being a foreigner: since I'll be here for only 5 months, I could go.

I don't know any seniorguys, so I went with my three exchangestudent-friends; Fernanda, Sze-Sze and Donica. I'm so glad that I met them, because I've so much fun with them and I love to gossip about Americans with them. THANKS GUYS, for being here.

Anyways, if you ever get the change to go to a prom, take it. Because you won't regret it!

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